Wetzler Pt Center

Our Philosophy

At our Center, we use an Integrative Approach which focuses on Manual Therapeutic Techniques that assist the body in its innate ability to heal itself.

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Our treatments always focus on a whole-body wellness approach. Through gentle hands-on techniques, we work to balance the various systems in the body. At the heart of our treatment is our total body evaluation, which guides us in finding the underlying malfunctions causing physical symptoms of pain. Our patients begin receiving private one-on-one treatment on their first visit and often experience significant improvement within the first three weeks.

What makes us Different

Our underlying theme “Changing Bodies, Changing Lives,” explains how our discipline and devotion is dedicated to the whole person. As medical professionals we care about your body and your life. We aim to support and alleviate any struggles or challenges that you may be currently experiencing and help you create a space for your healing. Our highly trained and nationally certified Physical, Orthopedic and Manual Therapists offer effective treatment in various integrative therapeutic techniques.